KINK Fetish Nights - Fetish Fatale with Foxi Monoxide


Fetish Fatale is a fetishistic nightlife experience where passion, theater, and erotic experimentation meet. On April 20th, we pay homage to the sexual deviants of yesteryear with an evening of intimate dungeon play, kinky dancing and unforgettable memories celebrating the fetish culture and its community. Whether you're a blushing maid, a lustful rapscallion, a cruel femme fatale, or one who serves them, we invite guests to draw inspiration from BDSM history and vintage erotica to fulfill a vision of decadent depravity. All genders and orientations welcome. Whether you crave the mystical sense of losing your will, or the pleasure of coming into your power - we bid you welcome. Come play. XYYVR venue is very intimate with our strict fetish dress code. Bring your body, mind, and soul to feel the passion that awaits. 3 amazing Performances by: Foxi Monoxide Gogo dancers by: KINK house of Gogo's Sounds by: Skylar Love and Gingerbear

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