PLURHAUS - Dance☆Play☆Dungeon


PLURHAUS - AN ALL GENDER & ALL EXPRESSIONS EXPERIENCE. What is PLURHAUS? This event series is crafted specifically by PLUR Productions as our pop-up warehouse dance, sop play, and dungeon experience brought to you by the Berlin underground vibe with the uniqueness of our beloved Vancouver fetish, kinky, burner, swinger, QTPOC, and non-binary communities. Dresscode: We don't enforce a dresscode for this event like others we host, but we do ask for you to wear something sexy and risqué as this does add a special connection and intimate atmosphere that we have all love and respect with no judgment. Please no plain regular club clothing unless you really feel that you can't find, or buy, a single sexy article of clothing for our night. Deadly Couture, JQ Clothing, Models Express, and UltraLove are a few great suggestions to get some ideas and help with a full expression experience. When you arrive we have 4 staff up front to help with ticket administration, coat check, whippet tickets, and our consent host to help everyone understand our consent house rules. Consent is very important to us and why we have a specific host that can help you understand what our event is about and what level of play you feel like experiencing. Play, of course, is not required but if you do have a change of heart, for that special partner, or just a great event vibe, then see our consent host to update your play band. We have a strict, no-questions, or conflict, consent house policy. This means no tolerance for consent issues, or racist or sexist comments towards any or all of our guests, and staff. Meaning if you are acting out of line, or have any issues with another guest you will be removed from the venue immediately. While Rick Deacon our resident DJ from London, UK and DJ Mazuu from Brazil are creating the music we'll have several performances, showgirls, and of course our kinky gogo girls to entertain you all night. Join the hot and steamy dance floor or enjoy our lounge area to get social, and make connections. Our sop playrooms, 6-piece dungeon, 3-panel glory holes, sex swing, and large padded community play table are all featured in the back and side areas for all your intimate play and encounters. Yes, we always have a viewing area, and of course, are dungeon monitors are there to help assist in negotiations and proper dungeon edict. We know consent and our "Play Bands" work well! Our play bands will be issued at coat check to each and every guest. Wrist band for non-sexual play and connections, consent means YES! Yellow, Green, Purple, and Red indicate your comfort level Green - Full touching without asking, but opens communication and understanding Yellow - Full touching but need to ask every time. This is recommended for most levels of play at PLUR events. Purple or Blue - Voyer, you obtain excitement from the observation of someone undressing, or having intercourse, but will keep your distance and not interfere with any scene unless asked directly. Standing, watching, and masturbating is uncomfortable for others in play, and is not consensual, please move on and around the space. You would require to change your play band if an introduction to join is communicated. Red - Not touching and don't ask. The wristband can be changed or upgraded throughout the event as it unfolds. The bands are great when presented at the door and add a level of play or self-check going into the event. Express your darkest desires and enjoy an evening with like-minded kinksters. Our safe and consensual play spaces and dungeon equipment are to be used by all attendees at any level and are located in back rooms. Both our dungeon monitors are very experienced and have been selected from the community to serve the community. Any and all acts of BDSM within our dungeon must be acknowledged to our official DM(s), by doing so this helps to maintain safe and consensual scenes. We understand how important aftercare is as there will be a comfortable area for each and every piece of equipment. Sanitary wipes are provided before and after your scene to clean the equipment used. Condoms and lube are supplied but also recommend bringing your favorite lube.

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