PLUR does Alice


PLUR|Productions one year Anniversary!!! One year ago today PLUR was born in Vancouver as a new production event company to help aid a new, inspiring notion of the sex positive revolution that is growing fast. We are focused to building a new community within Vancouver and hope to grow beyond in the years to come. PLUR’s vision is to co-create and collectively build a sex positive, fetish, LGBTQ and burner community that everyone will enjoy to be a part of with no judgement, discrimination and above all…. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect! We welcome you and all to come and enjoy with us this memorable day to meet our community in a sex positive and sex on premises way that PLUR is know best! PLUR|Productions was inspired for its first event as a launch party called “The Mad Hatter Play Party”. Originally produced in Calgary by Kirk Handy as a Fetish sex positive play event. From this inspiration and as a sequel comes: PLUR does ALICE!

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