PLUR - Spring Fling Disco Play Party

$ 20.00

Spring has sprung and what better way to welcome a splendid time of year? Spring Fling Disco Party with a twist of playfulness. This is PLUR’s second annual event of this nature and one of the busiest to date! Come join us and see how PLUR tran

  • DATE :April 23rd 2016

  • TIME :9 till 3am

  • LOCATION :CLUB8X6 1775 Haro St.

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Recommended Dress Code: - DISCO, Groovy 70's - Big Hair or voluptuous hair - Colorful mini-skirt to a mini dress - 70’s style cat suit - Hot pants, bell bottoms - open-necked button-down shirt, funky suit jacket - Platform shoes - Accessorize! …with a shiny medallion necklace, Gold, Silver... etc. - Roller Skates… Of course!