PLUR HALLOWEEN - The Dead of Midnight After all the Halloween events thought out the weekend, finish your weekend off just right at PLUR Halloween! Join us Sunday night for the biggest costumed Halloween party in Vancouver. 3 DJ's, Full bar, live exotic entertainment, costume contests at the one and only 75 years in business... The Penthouse Vancouver Exotic Night Club! This event has been tailor-made to dazzle, delight, and entice! — celebrate Halloween Sunday night in the most Goth, Punk, Fetish, and Sexy Walking Dead style with Vancouver's best underground headlining DJs, live performances, gogo dancers, and special exotic performers to add an air of ghouling sexiness to the event. With a stacked lineup of sexy costumed exotic models, strippers, gogo dancers, and a premium bar, makes this Halloween event a truly one of a kind experience! PLUR and KINK Fetish Nights is always leading the way for new concepts, and connections for their events, and exotic nightclub entertainment is a perfect mix to bring our community together. The Penthouse Vancouver is a very exclusive hot spot that we are excited about doing a full venue takeover! With an open dance floor, front-of-stage Dj booth and performances, a large high-top table and chair lounge, surrounded by a full-service bar, VIP tables, and bottle service. Your night is sure to be one for the record books. Enjoy a scene in our 3 piece Dungeon area and also indulge in a few VIP private dances in designated intimate areas. The energy and the space are ignited by state-of-the-art sound, lighting systems, and projection screens, while secluded alcoves and lounge retreats boast vintage sofas finished with velvet. REMEMBER TO TIP ALL ARE PERFORMERS. US dollar bills can be purchased at the bar. PLUR’s dungeon area is always under close watch and encouragement by our own house Mistress. CONSENT CULTURE ONLY. CONSENT IS NOT SEXY, ITS MUTUAL. RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests. IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Sharing is caring. TICKETS: We have multiple ticket options for all our guests wanting to attend. We aim to always include all genders, all expressions, and POC. Our events are very diverse and attract guests that are open-minded, and have the willingness to express themselves in a comfortable and excepting environment. Any questions regarding tickets, please reach out to our organizers. THE MUSIC: Phenomenal and spooky sounds but resident Dj Rick Deacon, Mazuu, and Murpo!! THE VENUE: Prepare to find yourself in the longest-running strip club, with a prestige history, a respected downtown Vancouver venue with a dance floor, full bar, cushy lounge area, smoking out front, and VIP lounges. THE ENTERTAINMENT: Live performances, gogo dancers, exotic pole dancers, and VIP dancers all night long! FEATURING: Charlie Monroe, Patch, Clover Bendsover, Miss B, Baroness Bunny, Breeze Murp, Coco Klein, Crimson, Senna Nova, Star, and Tara Rose! COSTUMES: Dress up or down in sexy Goth, Punk, Steam Punk, Fetish, Sexy Walking Dead, Skeleton, Zombie, and anything dark and ghoulish. Costumes are strongly recommended! CONTESTS: We're featuring costume contests for three popular categories. Prizes will be awarded for the scariest, sexiest, and best overall costume of the night. Prepare to show us what you got, as when you enter the door your ticket vote will determine our best-dressed guest for a cash prize! ACCESSIBILITY: The Penthouse has full accessibility right at the front door when you enter, and for most areas around the venue. If you are planning to purchase VIP booth tickets please reach out to our organizers and email us your request so we can accommodate you. All washrooms are for all genders and expressions. Community agreement: PLUR Productions believes that beauty comes in all genders, shapes, and colors. We work to ensure a space that celebrates the wide diversity of people we have in our West Coast community. PLUR has a zero-tolerance policy for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, or bigotry of any kind. All attendees must seek enthusiastic consent prior to any connections or intimacy. Attendees are encouraged to seek support from event staff in the case of any issues in violation of our event guidelines. DISCOUNT HAS BEEN APPLIED TO TICKET PRICE IF YOUR A SUBSCRIBER

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