May - PLUR Meet & Greet @Trout Lake!


PLUR MEET AND GREET - Very Casual, no pressure, and very social!

Our meet and greet last month was amazing at our local watering hole St. Augustine's, and with a great turnout! We are doing this monthly so hope to see some NEW and those FAMILIAR faces again! Thank you all for the private messages after this gathering, it was nice to have so much positive feedback, and already looking forward to the next one.

Join us for our May edition at John Hendry Trout Lake Park, Victoria Dr. Vancouver. You will see a very large black tent marked "PLUR" that's our area! Search Vancouver allowed drinking at this park and we will be right on the marked area closest to the Victoria Drive side.

We are happy to have Dj AUDACITY PLUR Resident for some cool summer day music vibes, with the addition of a special Dj guest... Dj Vanessa!

So let's dance, mingle and socialize!

I'll have my bbq set up, (If the bbq is allowed around this time frame) with a large community food table for your delicious food, and also a snack table. So bring some food to share! The bbq will be ready if you like something for the bbq. Oh, and BYOB!

Also if you're going to come for something, then you have to try ScottyHotty's German Potato Salad! Yes, it's BACK!! Lol

If it's going to be warmer than expected for this day, then we will move under two very large trees with our large black tent, but be sure to bring some water. Also, bring your own chairs and lots of blankets. This helps for a nice relaxing stay.

See you soon

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