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We are a SEX+/ SOP Event production company based in Vancouver. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect is our Mission! We are a community builder for SEX+, Sex on Premise, fetish, LGBTQ and burner networks and all Kinky and roll playing statures.

Frequently asked question

What is the Dress Code for PLUR Events?

That is one of our most frequently asked questions. PLUR|Productions clothing-optional experience but like everything at the venue, it is at your own comfort level. No one is required to be naked or remain naked. You will be provided with a locker to store your belongings so you may bring multiple outfits, lingerie or whatever deems you sexy and comfortable. Our guests rock a variety of looks. If Kinky, Fetish, Burner, Furriers or simply in the buff is not right for you, feel free to bring your plain clothes. Most events are themed so refer to our events for ideas and inspiration. Customers who enjoy the PLUR dungeon or special fetish events love to bring their fetish outfits-anything from lace to latex is welcome. We are a sex-positive, body-positive LGBTQ organization, meaning all shapes and sizes are welcome and admired. The most important aspect is that YOU feel comfortable and sexy during your visit so wear (or don’t wear) what makes you feel amazing. Enjoy the freedom to express your own individuality.

Where can we have sex?

PLUR events and affiliated venues will always have designated play areas marked very clearly. The reason for this is depending on the venue and setup this will dictate the play areas. Most lounge areas are not allowed for any type of sex.

Where can we leave our personal belongings?

We always have a co-ed designated personal area and lockers are available at no charge. You can use our complimentary locks with wrist style key chain, or you can bring your own lock or buy a lock from our front door staff–whatever you prefer.

What’s included in the price when you enter one of PLUR’s events?

Your door fee makes you a member for the day (as a private club everyone visiting is required to be a member) and gives you use of all the facilities, until closing time! We supply plush towels, condoms, lubricants and gels. Yearly memberships are available.

What extra costs are at most PLUR events?

Food and drinks are the only extra costs, along with items from our various venders. While we don’t sell food ourselves, we do provide bar snacks. On special occasion events food would be supplied by the venue.

Are PLUR events good for swingers?

Swingers are always welcome at PLUR, and looking at our members list there are many swingers or at least open to considering sexual encounters outside their primary partner. Our upscale on premise play areas that are specifically designed for each and every venue are a major feature for PLUR. We always try to maintain just the right atmosphere that is relaxing yet stimulating and there are lots of spaces for conversation to meet new friends and connections with in the lounge areas. Not sure if swinging is for you? Join us at PLUR|Productions Meet and Mingle nights called iCandy every second Friday of the month. We offer tours within a specific venue along with a presentation on sex club etiquette and the lifestyle and a conversation with PLUR couples who will share their experience with swinging and answer your questions.

How does PLUR offer safe and consensual sex?

The very FIRST thing before you walk in the club are a few cupids that will go over the TOP TEN RULES OF CONSENT with each and every guest. Please take the time to understand these rules and then you will be given a *PLUR stamp of CONSENT upon entering venue. PLUR's own CUPIDS that help get you matched with others and participating at whatever level you desire! Cupids wear lanyard with the words “Cupid” on it. Expect them to come and talk to you. To aid the Cupids, guests are encouraged to complete a play card that will help us match you to other guests. PLUR provides free condoms and lube packets readily available in the play areas for your enjoyment.

What are PLUR members like?

PLUR attracts guests who are open-minded, curious and adventurous. Couples and singles who attend our events are usually interested in exploring new ways to spice up their relationship or looking for a new play partener. The average age of our guests is between twenty five and fifty, but anyone 19 and over is welcome. Friday nights tend to draw more of a night club crowd, so bring your A game and dress to impress-unless you prefer a clothing optional experience!

Do we have to have sex?

No, you do not have to have sex with anyone if you don’t want to. Everything must be 100% consensual; you are not obligated to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Some couples, single women and men simply enjoy PLUR events to enjoy a great time with likeminded individuals. Others will choose to enjoy the amenities and atmosphere, and have sex with the person they came with – a stimulating space away from home to spice things up!

Are single men welcome?

Single men are always welcome to our events! PLUR has no judgement! You must always be 19+ to visit.

Are pictures allowed with my camera or phone?

To respect the comfort and privacy of our guests, we do not allow open photography or video recording at any of its venues. THIS INCLUEDS CELL PHONES! We certainly encourage you to unwind and disconnect at PLUR, but understand if you need to keep a phone with you. Please be sure to turn your ringer off so as not to disturb others and we ask that you take or place any calls outside the club. Our guests like the fact that the club is an escape from the outside world–so please don’t let your phone or conversations disrupt their enjoyment of the space.

Is this legal?

Of course! The Supreme Court of Canada recognizes the right of adults 19+ to have consensual sex in private clubs.

What is the policy and admission for LGBTQ?

PLUR Productions is a SEX+/ SOP Event production company. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect is our Mission! We are a community builder for SEX+, Sex on Premise, LGBTQ networks and all Kinky and roll playing statures. PLUR|Productions has a exclusive membership and welcomes of all orientations and gender identities. The admission fee is exactly the same as the admission for all!

What is your Privacy Policy?

We understand that privacy is important to our customers. SEE LINK

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