PLURHAUS - Dance, Dungeon, and PLAY!


PLURHAUS - An All Gender & Expressions Experience

NEW LOCATION Very private, top-floor, and centrally located DT Vancouver warehouse!

The address is given to ticket holders only!

August 17th, 10pm till 3am

What is PLURHAUS? This event series is crafted specifically by PLUR Productions as our pop-up warehouse dance, SOP play, and dungeon experience brought to you by the Berlin underground vibe with the uniqueness of our beloved Vancouver fetish, kinky, burner, swinger, QTPOC, and non-binary communities.

This NEW LOCATION for PLURHAUS is completely new to the kink community. Featuring a large 4600 square foot open concept, for our DJs, performance stages, and a dancefloor. The play and dungeon areas will be located towards the back of the space which helps to boost intimacy and privacy. The secondary space is the speakeasy lounge, featuring a full bar, pool table, and lounge seating.

Dress code: We don't enforce a dress code for this event like others we host, but we do ask for you to wear something sexy and risqué as this adds a special connection and intimate atmosphere that we all love and respect with no judgment. Please no plain regular street or club clothing unless you really feel that you can't find, or buy, a single sexy article of clothing for our night. Deadly Couture, JQ Clothing, Models Express, and UltraLove are a few great suggestions to get some ideas and help with a full and mindful expression experience.

When you arrive we have 4 staff up front to help with ticket administration, coat check, and our consent host to help everyone understand our consent house rules. Consent is very important to us and why we have a specific host that can help you understand what our event is about and what level of play you feel like experiencing. Play, of course, is not required but if you do have a change of heart, for that special partner, or just a great event vibe, then see our consent host to update your play band.

We have a strict, no-questions, or conflict, consent house policy. This means no tolerance for consent issues, or racist or sexist comments towards any or all of our guests, and staff. Meaning if you are acting out of line, or have any issues with another guest you will be removed from the venue immediately.

Our sop playrooms, 6-piece dungeon, 3-panel glory holes, sex swing, and large padded community play table are all featured in the back and side areas for all your intimate play and encounters. Yes, we always have a viewing area, and aftercare, and of course, are dungeon monitors are there to help assist in negotiations and proper dungeon edict.

PLUR’s dungeon area is always under close watch and encouragement by our own house Mistresses.

We know consent and our "Play Bands" work well! Our play bands will be issued at coat check to each and every guest. This is MANDATORY! These bands are great for self-check-in, awareness, and consensual negotiations with everyone Yellow, Green, Purple, and Red indicate your comfort level

GREEN: I am actively looking for people to play with tonight. Feel free to approach me and ask, to see if we click.

YELLOW: I am open to playing, but likely only with people I approach myself. I will likely turn down anyone who approaches me. 

BLUE: Voyeur, I enjoy watching scenes and will keep a respectable distance, but I'm not looking to play with anyone.

RED: I'm not looking to play with anyone except those with whom I already have a relationship, so please do not ask.

Wristbands can be changed at any point throughout the event based on your own comfort level. While the bands are a great way to check in with yourself and others, open communication and enthusiastic yes is the only form of consent that is acceptable at PLUR. CONSENT CULTURE ONLY. CONSENT IS NOT JUST SEXY, IT'S MUTUAL AND MANDATORY.

RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests. IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Sharing is caring.

Recognizing that systemic marginalization has historically created barriers for QTBIPOC communities, PLUR productions offers a limited number of by donation tickets for those looking to come but may be facing financial difficulty. For more questions regarding ticketing, please contact us at the link below.

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