PLUR Quarantine Club - Online Watch and Social Chat Party


Welcome to PLUR's first online Quarantine Club event featuring Dj Carolina Campos and friends. This is a pre-recorded HD video/sound watch party that will be hosted within our PLUR private Facebook group. Times are changing and so are we. Plus more then anything it's important to keep our kinky friends safe and connected. ►How to participate Say “GOING” to this event and invite your friends. Direct them to this event page so they can have the link to join our Private Facebook PLUR Productions group. This group is where you will be able to join the watch party when it starts. You will get a group notification to view. You can also invite group members while the party is in progress! ►How it works View the watch party. Comment, post send emojis to your friends and discussions within the watch party event. Be positive and considerate with our viewers. ►Dressing up or even down for private group video chat This is for our kinky community that what's to dress up or down and do live video chatting while the live watch party is running. More details will follow. Say attending as this event will have updated posts and announcements. We will be issuing a few mass emails from our member's list on our website for all details leading up to this event. Get on our email list if you still need to: Click "Purchase ticket" for the direct link to the Facebook event. This is a free event, no ticket purchase required.

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