KINK Fetish Nights - Summer Heat


Summer and it's gorgeous warm Vancouver days are upon us Perfect for a fetish night to wear your kinky clothing, play in our intimate dungeon, dance and socialize with your kinky friends. Expect the deepest dirtiest house music this side of Davie street! Join our Kink House of Gogos with special performances by Brooklyn Lush and Sapphire! When you arrive you will be asked to show our Door Mistress exactly want you are wearing or planning to wear. You must be prepared to show off! You will also be asked to review our top ten rules of consent to receive the PLUR consent stamp of approval. We are a kink-based LGBTQ and STRAIGHT friendly event so please come open minded. KINK Fetish Nights – Dungeon space Club XY has two beautiful lounges. The first one we are using for a great social atmosphere as its right near the dance floor. The second one being the largest and perfectly placed off to the side of the club will be used for our dungeon. With lots of room, gorgeous and comfortable seating for viewing, socialize and aftercare our 4 pieces of equipment are waiting for your play scenes. This placement is much quieter for all your intimate and consensual play. We even have a separate gear check just for your own convenience so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Our gear check will be staffed by our own slave free of charge using a sign in/out system. Our gear check will also have its own floggers and gear for guests to use. Just simply ask our dungeon monitor or gear check slave to help you. Any and all acts of BDSM within our dungeon must be acknowledged to our official DM (Miss PIGMENT) by doing so this helps to maintain safe and consensual scenes. We understand how important aftercare is as there will be a comfortable area by each and every piece of equipment. Our gear check will have sanitary wipes and ice water for after your play scene. What is the fetish dress code? You have to dress the part to get in. This generally means dressing sexy, but in a kinky way. Latex, vinyl, leather, corsets and fishnets are all excellent options. If this is your first time going to a fetish party, you may feel a bit odd before you get to the club, but believe us when we say that the more wildly you dress, the more at home you will feel once you step in the door of the party. Why a dress code? Why not just let everybody in? Our party is different because it has a fantasy sort of atmosphere - everyone is dressed up and everyone looks amazing. The mundanities and boring conventions of the outside vanilla world are left at the door for good reason. Letting everyone in regardless of what they are wearing would make this party just like any other, and we assure you - this is NOT your run-of-the-mill, boring nightclub event. What if I don't own those clothes? Deadly Couture sells everything you could ever need. Some less expensive options are Ultra Love Retail, Bo La La, if you want to rent a costume for the night or Model Express, will probably have some outfits that work or better yet if you have a friend that owns some kinky clothes, just borrow an outfit from them. Go dig through their wardrobe, DRESS UP TIME! What is the bare minimum? If you are considering a bare minimum, you are missing the point of our party. Try to go as crazy as possible. It will make sense after you get to the party. Guys who are first-timers tend to have more trouble playing our game and adhering to the dress code for some reason. If you are a guy, pick up a pair of black vinyl pants and wear a fishnet shirt with some boots and you should get in no problem. If possible, you should really try to push the envelope and dress much more over-the-top than this, just make sure to cover your genitals. The wilder you dress the better, and once you are inside the party you will understand why. A good guideline is to dress as over the top as possible - wild colors, shiny material, colorful makeup, wild hair, big boots, etc. What sort of things are not allowed? Jeans, regular club wear, white sneakers/tennis shoes and all-black street wear and ultra-formal (tuxedo) are NOT allowed. FETISH ONLY! What if I don't want to dress up? You won't get in. Even if you purchased a ticket in advance, you still have to dress the part to get in the door. Our people at the door will tell you to go home and try again. Get dressed up and have fun with it. This is important. Our dress code wasn't developed to frustrate you, it is intended to inspire you to be as creative and sexy as possible. Is nudity allowed? No. The nightclub does not have a license for nudity. Our security guards patrol the club to make sure that there is no nudity. Men & women’s genital regions must be covered but bare breasts are allowed. Disabled and Wheelchair Access: While we encourage the attendance of all groups, it must be pointed out that many hospitality venues do not provide full access facilities. This venue is not wheelchair accessible. STAY KINKY!!

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