PLURHAUS - Warehouse Dance and Dungeon Party


PLURHAUS “DANCE and DUNGEON WAREHAUS PARTY SERIES” The Beaumont Studios is a very well established venue. Full bar till 3am. Bathrooms located at both upper and lower levels. 3 ROOM PARTY with lots of dungeon play areas! Professional lighting and sound on the main dance floor with low-level LED lighting in the dungeon areas. PLUR Dj's Dj Gingerbear vs. The Goat PLUR Stages KINK House of Gogo's Special guest - Luna Love Become a PLUR member here >> New to PLUR parties? No problem our CONSENT staff and GREETERS are on hand to assist in negotiations, particularly for people who are newer or less experienced in Safe, Sane & Consensual negotiations. There is NO pressure or obligation to participate in any way. Consent is ABSOLUTELY required between all participants in any play and just because a greeter or consent staff makes an introduction, it does not require either participant to play with that person. No obligations. People are also encouraged to make their own introductions as they see fit. Coat check with change rooms is in full effect. PLUR’s dungeon areas are always under close watch and encouragement by our own DM's Miss Pigment / Al Sam RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests. IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Sharing is caring. FAQ's - Head over to our home page, or drop us an email. Peace•Love•Unity•Respect

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