FANGTASIA @ CLUB8X6 Presented by PLUR|Productions

$ 30.00

Welcome to PLUR’s annual Halloween event! Last year we had a very successful afterparty event at club 8x6 which of course you all know by now it’s the only sex on premises club in Vancouver.ONLINE LINK IS BELOW

  • DATE :October 30th 2015

  • TIME :9pm till 3am

  • LOCATION :Club 8x6 1775 Haro St.

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FANGTASIA held on the eve of Halloween Oct. 30th Friday night will be a haven for vampires and fangbangers to indulge, dance and enjoy a night of feeding and performances. The décor setting for Fangtasia is a big open red velvet bar with many tables a few various stages for vampire and human performances throughout the evening. The back dungeon play area is for those most hungry with bondage equipment and restrains for the beds. The entire club will be lite with candle light and sensual uv lighting. The dance floor will be more of a seductive trip of hotness and pleasures to mingle and make desirable connections. Looking for Hard Copy Tickets? Deadly Couture - Little Sisters - JQ Clothing Available NOW! Updated Oct 27th