PLUR - Dark Desires - Rave into the Void


Join us for our newest creation PLUR Productions presenting...

Dark Desires👽Rave into the Void👽
Sex-positive nights you'll never forget!

March 16th, 9 pm - 6 am
Wave Space - Main Event (9 pm - 230 am)
8475 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC
Studio PLUR - Afterparty (230 am - 6am)
9141 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver, BC

DRESS CODE - Fetish, Kinky, Raver, and Burner clothing is hugely encouraged! Please refrain from street clothing like jeans and T-shirts.

The Wave Space - Main Event
Dj Vanessa 9-1030
Dj Audacity 1030-1230
Dj Mindframe 1230-230

STUDIO PLUR - Afterhours
Dj Scared Portal 230-345
Dj Stormcloudz 345-5am

The WAVE Space - Main Event
This is a two-level private establishment warehouse. The main floor is for social, performers, and of course lots of sexy dancing! Upstairs is our private, SOP, anything-goes play space with dungeon equipment, sex swing, and a bed.

Studio PLUR - Afterparty
PLUR HQ - full-on dance and dungeon, sex-positive, SOP after-hours space!

This is not your typical PLUR event. For this night, we’re taking you deep into a night of dark industrial techno straight from Berlin underground. Step through the door and break from the matrix, as the DJs takes you into a dimension beyond time. When the music surrounds you, feel safe to lose yourself in the beat, arms and lips wrap all around in hot sweaty ecstasy. Join us into the void, on a journey only found with Vancouver’s longest-running sex-positive events. PLUR style!

Life is a beautiful dance. It is a vibrational flowing wave, taking us to its rhythm and assisting us in clearing our minds, in forgetfulness of our worries. The movement of our body is like the motion of life—vibrations of the notes pounding to the rhythm of the heart. To remember the freedom of the dance is to remember that we must dance to the rhythm of life.

A divine party to celebrate light and dark, with a dose of pleasure, connection, and one love.

Together we create an accelerated portal to download love, gratitude, sexuality, creativity and pleasure. Take flight and come together as one as the bodies move. Celebrate the divinity of our sex-positive events with dark drag, queer performances, and above all art. Reflect the elements into another's eyes and take a dose of pleasure as you swim in the sounds and connection of love.

At PLUR, we cultivate a culture of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, bridging the gaps between communities. Whether you’re a burner, swinger, QTBIPOC, kinky, or all of the above, we cherish all forms of identity and self-expression.

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